AHA Regional Cancer Treatment Center - Our care goes beyond treating patients.


Dr. Lange & Dr. Gragg reviewing films.We are a cancer center which offers complete cancer care, specializing in radiation therapy. Our physicians, Radiation Oncology of San Antonio, have been server the Greater San Antonio Area for over 30 years.  Together, the physicians and staff at the AHA Regional Cancer Treatment Center are committed to providing the highest quality cancer treatment for residents of South Texas.

Located on the campus of South Texas Regional Medical Center, the AHA Regional Cancer Treatment Center is a state-of-the-art radiation therapy facility offering CT simulation, true three-dimensional treatment planning, and a linear accelerator capable of delivering three photon energies as well as a full range of electron energies.  The center is particularly proud of its linear accelerator. Developed by Elekta Oncology Systems, it is one of only two linear accelerators in Texas capable of producing three photon energies.

A course of radiation therapy can be several weeks in duration, and the travel required to and from treatment at a center far from home can place a burden on both a patient and their family.  While offering the latest in radiation therapy technology, the AHA Regional Cancer Treatment Center also provides the patients of South Texas with the convenience of being able to receive radiation therapy nearer to their residence.


1901 Highway 97 East, Suite 100 ~ Jourdanton, Texas 78026
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